Have you checked your sunroof or cowl drains lately?

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The worst possible outcome of a clogged drain is water leaking into your car.  Why is this bad, you ask?

Well, when water gets into your car, it can create mold.  Not only on your carpet but also under the sound pad, where it is not visible.  Mold can make you very sick and in some people, an allergic reaction!

Another reason water intrusion can be a significant problem are your computer modules.  These computers, in many makes, are in the trunk and under the driver’s seat.  This is the lowest point of the vehicle where water pools.  When these on-board computers get wet, they cause major vehicle problems.  Corroded modules cause communication and diagnostic problems.

Wet modules need to be replaced.  It can be a costly repair.

A few examples of a bad/corroded modules are:

  • starting issues
  • your windows may go up and down by themselves
  • your alarm may sound randomly
  • lights/radio/heat my become inoperable
  • engine running issues

So take the time at home to check your sunroof seals for debris.  Unplug your cowl drains from pine needles, moss or other foreign matter.  If you need help or are unsure how to do this, please give us a call!  We are happy to help you with preventative maintenance to your car and to show you how to stay on top of the major problem.

Remember, preventative maintenance is less expensive than waiting for the major repairs.

Boxster module with corrosion

Boxster module with corrosion

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IMS Bearing Video

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Check out this IMS Bearing video from the Porsche Club. If you own a 996 or a Boxster we recommend you watch this.

IMS Bearing, Flat 6 Innovations

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